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Sometimes infertile couples need extra help to achieve a pregnancy that conventional treatment just cannot provide for. They need donor eggs. As there is a real shortage egg donors, CRM London is now happy to accept donors who wish to receive payment for donating eggs. For the first time, from the 1st April 2012, due to changes in regulations CRM London will compensate donors £750 for donating their eggs.


Donating eggs to women who desperately desire a baby is a process that requires commitment for which CRM London will be able to pay egg donors. The payment for egg donation will go towards reimbursing egg donors for any expenses or loss of earnings whilst undergoing the donation process.


At CRM London we have a tremendous amount of experience in egg donation through the egg sharing program. Being one of the top egg donation clinics in the country has meant our egg donation program has become phenomenally successful and ensures we are ideally placed to initiate a paid egg donation program.


Many couples can have a baby naturally very easily and it is difficult to for them to understand how much suffering childlessness causes to couples who are unable to have children, however you may now be able to help them as well as be compensated yourself by donating eggs for money. Paid egg donation which has been available in other countries for many years , has now become authorised in the UK and provides financial assistance for the kindness egg donors show in donating eggs to childless couples.


Donating Eggs is About More Than Just Money

If you know a couple unable to have children you may be able to appreciate the sadness it causes and what the wonderful gift of donating eggs actually means. In the past some women may have wanted to donate their eggs to help other women have a baby but could not do so as they would have been left out of pocket. Now the possibility of being paid for donating their eggs gives many women the opportunity to help other.


Women who need donated eggs to have a child are either unable to produce eggs of their own, or their eggs no longer are capable of producing a healthy pregnancy. There are multiple reasons that a woman might need eggs from a donor:



Unless donors wishing to donate their eggs contact us, we are unfortunately unable to help many of these women who so desperately need our, and your, help. Through paid egg donation we are hoping that we will now be able to increase the number of donors whilst providing financial compensation. This means that rather than purely selling eggs, you will be helping women in a very real and meaningful way.



Frequently Asked Questions About Payment for Egg Donation

Can I sell my eggs?

If you are between the recommended ages of 21 and 35 years, have no history of inheritable conditions and are fit and healthy you are likely to be considered as an egg donor and qualify for a compensation of £750

What information will the recipient be given about me?

The recipient of your eggs will receive no identifying information about you but will be given information about your physical characteristics, ethnic background and anything else you consent for her to know such as interests and hobbies etc.

How does compensation occur and who pays for treatment?

All egg donation expenses will be paid for by CRM London who will pay you £750 for any loss of earnings, including your expenses on successful completion of the process. You are still entitled to receive this amount even if there is no loss of earning

What information will I be given about the recipient?

We can inform all paid egg donors whether a live birth has resulted from their donation and, if so, the number of children born.

Will the donation be anonymous?

The whole process is anonymous, neither the donor nor recipient will meet one another. We can however inform egg donors whether a live birth has resulted from their donation and, if so, the number of children born. Information about the egg donation will be forwarded to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority who will store your identifying details on their central register. This means however that any child born as a result of your donation, when they reach the age of 18 will have access to identifying information about you should they wish to retrieve it.


What tests will be done before I am accepted for paid egg donation?

All donors will be tested for AMH (antimullerian Hormone), HIV antibody, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, Chlamydia and a Chromosome Analysis. We will also request your consent to contact your GP to obtain any past and present medical history.

How many visits will I have to make to the hospital?

We will try and limit the number of the number of visits. Under normal circumstances paid egg donors generally make five or six visits to the clinic. The first visit will involve a consultation with the doctor. This will provide an opportunity to request more information about egg donation and discuss the processes involved. You will not be committed to becoming a paid egg donor upon this visit and if you do not wish to proceed you can withdraw from the paid egg donation process.

Will I receive counselling?

You will need to see a counsellor and a nurse on your second visit to the clinic if you decide to continue with paid egg donation. The counsellor will give you the opportunity to discuss the ethical, legal and social aspects of egg donation.

How many times can I donate my eggs for money?

This will be a joint decision between you and your doctor, however by law, no more than 10 families should be created from any one egg donor.

Can I change my mind?

You are free to withdraw consent from a paid egg donation cycle at any time until the embryos are used. However we will not be able to compensate you the £750 if you withdraw your consent.

What support is available?

If you have any questions before, during or after your donation, please feel free to call our staff in the unit, who will be glad to help. Our nurses or counsellors are available at any time before, during or after your treatment.


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